Monday, April 28, 2008

Overrated Kansas City, Underrated Seattle

Right now Seattle is suffering from being in the same division as the Angels and A's. Although the Mariners have lost more games than they have won, Baseball Playoffs Now rates their schedule as the 5th hardest in the majors. Combined with a mediocre record, Seattle rates around the 70th percentile in all of our major categories (wins-losses, score analysis, and division strength). Quite a surprising result for a team whose record is only .462 at the moment, but an even record against the Angels (#15 in our ratings) and a winning record against the A's (#4) and Rays (#5) provides enough rationale for our computer ratings.

Kansas City, on the other hand, stands at #28 in the Baseball Playoffs Now ratings, despite a .440 record. The Royals have played only twenty-fifth-best in wins and losses against the league's nineteenth-easiest schedule, and are in fourth place in the MLB's second-easiest division. After sweeping the Tigers (#24) and winning series against the Yankees (#9) and Blue Jays (#22) - albeit at home - Kansas City looked good. But a seven-game losing streak against the Los Angeles Angels (#15), Oakland (#4), and Cleveland (#8) left the Royals reeling. A strong start has not been enough to solidify this Kansas City team, earning them the current most-overrated-team-in-baseball position.

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