Friday, April 25, 2008

Warning Sign for Milwaukee

[Baseball Playoffs Now data, based on win-loss analysis only]

Milwaukee's current rating: 0.9540 out of 1.000
Milwaukee's current rating in the NL Central only: 0.5345 out of 1.000

The Brewers are second-last in the league in division play, topping only Oakland. Milwaukee is certainly struggling within their division, having to cope with the resurgent Cubs and underdog Cardinals, in addition to a Houston team making a run at 3rd place. Their current record shows as many games in the loss column as wins.

Baseball Playoffs Now ranks Milwaukee as the fourth-best team in the majors, BUT the Brewers won't be able to capitalize on their unseen strengths unless they can get some division wins and get into the playoffs. The current end-of-season projections for the NL Central:

Chicago Cubs: 107-55
St. Louis: 96-66
Milwaukee: 90-72
Houston: 84-78
Cincinnati: 68-94
Pittsburgh: 55-107

Not only will the Brewers miss the division championship, they lose the wild-card spot by 6 games to St. Louis, who is projected to make it to the postseason. As always, the road to the postseason begins within the division. Milwaukee needs to step it up a notch.

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