Thursday, May 15, 2008

Angels Choking

I just can't say enough about how the national media loves to overrate the Los Angeles Angels. They're 6 games above .500 and should be congratulated for that (and they picked up our #7 ranking in wins/losses for their efforts). BUT the Angels are:

- 19th in quality wins playing against the
- 7th easiest schedule yet
- only ranked 21st in their last 10 games and
- ranked 19th given runs-scored/allowed + strength of schedule. Moreover, they
- score .992 runs for every 1 given up and
- are barely in 1st place - by half a game - in the 2nd-worst division in baseball.

My Watch List database is programmed to highlight statistics in red when they fall below a certain threshold. The Angels' numbers look like a fire engine.

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