Friday, May 23, 2008

Florida, Atlanta Too Unbalanced?

There are quite a few ways to define a balanced ball club; one of the major stats is home record v. away record. A team who can only win at home isn't usually considered particularly strong, even if their record is above average. Here are the six most unbalanced baseball teams (who have the largest quality win difference between home record and overall record):

Home Performance Most Important (and worthy of suspicion?)
1. Atlanta (20-5 at home, 26-21 overall)
2. Cincinnati (14-9 at home, 21-27 overall)
3. Boston (21-5 at home, 31-19 overall)

Away Performance Most Important (and better teams than they appear?)
1. Florida (11-8 on the road, 27-19 overall)
2. St. Louis (11-11 on the road, 28-21 overall)
3. Texas (12-14 on the road, 24-25 overall)

Of course there are better teams both at home and on the road than the six above, but they are much more balanced (like the Angels at 14-10 on the road, who also have a record of 14-11 at home). Later we'll have ratings of the most balanced teams in baseball.

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