Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why Our Metrics Are Saber

Baseball Playoffs Now is an offshoot of the math-infused-baseball study known as sabermetrics. Most sabermetricians are concerned with individual players; I am one of the few who study team trends only. We believe that number analysis opens up new ways of being a fan, and can even make the game more enjoyable, among other benefits. While the more traditional enthusiasts spurn statistics and call this pastime "playing baseball on a calculator," the author of Baseball Playoffs Now is more than able to field a ground ball, as can most sabermetricians. Unlike some, I don't want to be stuck up about stats; designing algorithms makes it perfectly clear that interpreting math can be just as subjective as interpreting while sitting at a ballgame eating bratwurst. Instead, thinking about and writing about stats is a pursuit of truth that is not immediately obvious. This is why Baseball Playoffs Now writes about Methods and Statistics: thoughtfulness about beliefs and interpretations ought to extend to all areas of life, especially baseball.

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