Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blue Jays Fly Higher Than Angels

I just came across an interesting series by Sport Crack called Powerless Rankings, and I wanted to publicize my response to his latest rankings:

Worst: Rockies, then Royals, Mariners, Padres, and Tigers
Best: Cubs, then Rays, Angels, Phillies, Red Sox

Baseball Playoffs Now response
"The Powerless Rankings look good, though Detroit deserves a tiny bit more credit for playing the 12th-hardest schedule in the majors and playing better than half of baseball over the past ten games. I'd stick San Francisco there instead, but it's really a tossup.

I'm also impressed by the Cubs - Rays - Phillies - Red Sox picks, but I thoroughly disagree with your Angels #3 ranking. I'd place them around tenth in the league; their wins in very close games against sub-par opponents (22nd-hardest schedule) don't speak very well to their long-term viability. The Angels will win about 88 games - and lose the division to the A's by 2 games with no chance at the wild card.

Instead, give it up for the Toronto Blue Jays. They have consistently high numbers: 8th in quality wins, 9th-hardest schedule, best in baseball over the last 10 games, 4th overall in computer models against infinite-depth-of-schedule (that is, taking into account their opponents' opponents' opponents ad infinitum).

Baseball Playoffs Now Power Rankings
1 - CHC
2 - BOS
3 - TAM
4 - TOR
5 - PHI

Runners-up: White Sox, A's, Braves, Brewers, Angels"

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